General FAQs

Ouibring works because we can't always get what we want where we live. Even when we can buy an item "locally" we often end up paying far more than if we had made the purchase elsewhere, particularly in other countries.

The platform links Buyers who need items to Bringers willing to buy them on your behalf. The idea takes advantage of the fact that a large number of people travel to our cities & towns by air, rail, road and sea on a daily basis.

If these visitors are able to source an item more cheaply at their point of origin, a Bring request can allow the Buyer to obtain a desired good at a reasonable price. At the same time, it allows a Bringer to be compensated for their efforts, reducing travel costs or perhaps contributing to the price of a nice meal in your town.
That's the beauty. Ouibring reminds you of what already happens when people travel.
Everyone has had the experience of asking a friend or family member whether they would like us to bring them something when we visit. We may have asked friends to buy some duty free or that perfume we can only get at home, maybe even a first edition Apple Watch. The advantage of Ouibring is that it allows us to reduce the wait time between the desire to get these products and when we can have them in our hands. You don't have to wait for your buddy to return from his semester in Madrid, 6 months from now.
Ouibring allows you to think of all travellers as your friend.
Under the "Free" model, Buyers and Bringers agree transaction details between them.
  • Buyers gives the agreed amount to the Bringer upon delivery
With the "Premium" model, the Buyer places the agreed amount with Ouibring.
  • A premium model may be appropriate when larger value purchases are being made.
  • Ouibring will release the funds to the Bringer upon confirmation of the delivery
  • The attraction of the Premium model is that it provides Bringers with the certainty that Buyer has the funds necessary to pay for the delivery. It also provides the Buyer comfort by avoiding a need that they carry cash to meet the Bringer

FAQ for Buyers

Easy! Just tell us what you want, what your budget is, and where and when you need it delivered. Wait to see the offers made by potential Bringers and select the Bringer who best fits your delivery needs.
Please let us know ASAP if you're unable to collect your Bring. We'll help make arrangements for alternate collection. Once you have agreed a Bring, you will receive the contact details of your Bringer. Any changes of plans can be worked out between you.
With Ouibring, you get your item or your money back, guaranteed. Please make sure to bring exact change to make the pickup easy.
We encourage you to share a photo or URL of the item to avoid confusion. If there is a problem with your Bring, please get in touch and we'll help out.
As with any purchase, it's up to you to check the manufacturer's information and ensure that you comply with the relevant terms and conditions.
Our community is always growing so this will be rare. In the event that we're unable to Bring your item, you'll get 100% money back guaranteed.
The best way to get your Bring is to increase your budget and offer our travellers a little more reward money. This will mean more people are going to be able to help Bring you a little happiness.
Our customer helpers are happy to hear from you. Please give us a call.
We're here to help, just call +442081448310.

FAQ for Bringers

Go Shopping. Get Paid! Really, it's that simple. We ping you with a request or you search for requests that fit your travel plans. You propose yourself as a bringer to a requesting buyer, setting the price for which you are happy to do the bring as well as agreeing delivery location and details.
You buy the item and bring it to the agreed drop off. When you're done, you pocket a compensation payment + feel good about bringing a little happiness!
You will receive your money cash in hand on delivery.
You need to drop off at the time and place agreed when the Bring was arranged. Let us know ASAP if you are going to be unable to make it.
Please contact our Customer Help team and we'll help arrange an alternative drop off.
Check out the details in the request. If there are any specific details provided, make sure your item matches the description. Check size/volume and brand details.
You can choose whatever is most convenient for you. We advise against taking highly specific store instructions from Buyers, especially if the store is not well known to you
Yes, we'll be in touch. Please wait for our confirmation before buying. In the future we'll be adding features so that you can get in touch to offer items.
If you get delayed, or if the item gets damaged, please get in touch with out Customer Help team on +442081448310.
As with any purchase, you need to make sure that you comply with all relevant laws.
We're here to help, just call +442081448310.